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Kingsburg Shower Installation

Many prefer using showers over bathtubs when they bathe. Showers are more efficient because you simply get in, open the shower to bathe, turn it off and get out easily. But, not all bathrooms come with functioning showers, and some, if you purchased a second-hand home, may have old shower fixtures that may break at any moment.

Kingsburg Shower Installation Basket Weave and White Smooth Walls with Oversized White Shower Base client 300x220

While you can do the shower installation yourself, there is a chance you may have gotten the wrong shower replacement for your current setup. You may also have to change the plumbing to get everything working. Considering all that, you should ask our Kingsburg shower installation experts at Fresno Bathroom Remodeling to do it for you.

Our team can look into your shower setup, help you pick the best fixtures that would work perfectly for your setup and requirements, and install them efficiently wherever you want them to be placed in your bathroom. Our rates are very affordable, and we use only the best shower fixtures and materials to help it last for a long time.

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Wide Shower Entrance

One great feature that we can install in your shower areas is a wide shower entrance to make it easier for children and those who cannot walk easily to get to the shower area.

shower renovation remodel

We can install strategically placed shower benches and handrails to make it easier for people to get in and out of the shower area.

If you want your shower area to look more stylish and still be functional, we have several options that you can choose from to help achieve the aesthetic you want for your bathroom.

Our experts can also help you find the best fixtures to complement your overall layout.

Handheld Shower Head

walk in tub hand held shower head

If you have a bathtub-shower or have a shower bench setup, you may want to have easy access to the showerhead to cleanse your upper body while you relax in the tub or sit on the bench. With this in mind, we can install handheld showerheads, which are installed in a strategic part of your shower area and can be adjusted without having to stand up from your position.

This feature is great for people with injuries or suffering from medical conditions that prevent them from moving up or standing up often. This is also the perfect function to add in your shower areas if you live with your elderly parents or relatives.

Shower Control Panel

new remodeled bathtub installationFresno Bathroom Remodeling pays close attention to where we can put your shower control panel when we install your showers.

We make sure that everyone will reach it and adjust the water settings and temperature easily whether they are standing up or using one of our bench options.

With this in mind, we always place the control in a convenient central location in the shower.

Easy to Reach Storage

Kingsburg Shower Installation Roman Stone 4 Shelf Rectangular Corner Caddy client 200x300We can also provide you with a functional and optimized shower room with easy-to-reach and organized storage pieces that fit well in your bathroom. In these storage pieces, you can store your toiletries, medicine, and other things you will need in the bathroom. We can install them in key areas so that they are easily accessible while ensuring that your young children won’t be able to open them.

Anti-Scalding Device

There are times when the water heaters in our showers can get too hot all of a sudden. To prevent this, we can install an anti-scalding valve in your shower setup. This will prevent any hot water from suddenly coming out of your showerhead and causing minor burns.

Non-Slippery Shower Flooring

bathroom with shower and bathtub

Accidents can happen a lot in bathrooms if you have very slippery floors. It can be very dangerous if the ones who slip are your older family members.

At Fresno Bathroom Remodeling, we have a wide variety of non-slip shower flooring, which can be either permanent or temporary, as well as mats that will prevent slips.

Feel free to look into our options to see which one fits your style. If you need help, let our Kingsburg shower installation team know, and we’ll give you our recommendations.

Adjustable Lighting

Some people may want to have a specific quality of light as they bathe. Some people want their lights to be dimmer so they can relax, while others want a very bright bathroom so they can take a bath more easily.

With this in mind, we can install adjustable ceiling or wall lights for your bathroom. We also make sure that they are very easy to adjust.


Bathrooms are never complete without mirrors. However, because of the moisture that can build in the bathroom throughout its use, these mirrors should be placed in the right area. We will look into your bathroom and install the mirrors in areas where it is convenient and safe from moisture built-up.

Heat Lamps

custom shower renovation

Finally, we can also attach heat lamps that will help regulate your bathroom’s temperature while you bathe. These lamps will keep you warm during the winter, while it will keep the bathroom cold during the summer. You can even set these lamps to maintain a moderate temperature in the room that would work in winter and summer.

We make sure that your Kingsburg shower installation request will feature only the industry’s highest-quality materials. Fresno Bathroom Remodeling is the best partner to team up with for your bathroom projects.

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Our team will ensure that your needs are met when we do your shower installation and aim to achieve the vision you have. Once you sign us up, we will finish the project in a day, and you won’t have to pay a hefty amount for our fast and efficient service.

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